Wednesday, February 3, 2010

hot girls in nigeria universities,THEY JUST DONT GIVE A SHIT ANYMORE

Well, this is not a porn site but a site to keep us updated on the recent happenings in schools in Nigeria.
Girls in these schools who have been sent to these prospective institutions by their parents just do not give a damn anymore.
They are ready to do anything for money,I mean this is a reality.
The site aims at making available the most recent sexual content of these girls as well as other mysterious happenings in these schools here in Nigeria.
Well,it's me again,OFF DA EDGE.
Lets take a look at some of them.......................


  1. To say I'm shocked would be an understatement!
    The girl in the video, could be anyone of our sisters and future
    This tells of us of what the girls in these schools, who have been
    sent to these higher institutions of learning by their parents, are basically learning in their rooms.
    We all watch and get our kicks seeing them "entertain" us but it would
    be a reality, which one day would rear its ugly head, when someones son
    or daughter, high up in the political of government ladder, is involved.
    Then they would seek out ways to address the malady.

    You couldnt think of such in our time.
    For them to even catch you kissing a girl in public!!!
    Hmmmm !!!!!

    Discussed this a few minutes ago with my friends and seems the geeral concensus
    amongst the kids, is to show how graphic or shocking they can get.
    Saw another this morning and it seems that they enjoy uploading the
    The URL sent is:

    This is now the trend of what you see in Naija Universities.
    Its a shame and God will deliver us!!

  2. Its a pity what the country is turning into.I blame our rulers that stole all our money for forcing our sisters into prostitutes.

  3. well,i believe those whom pictures or videos were shown on this site were prostitute right from their homes though its unfortunate seeing niaja babes shown in that manner,ipray to god to deliver them from such an act.